blogging for lgbt families day

I have a blog friend Robin. Although she and I have never met I consider her a friend. She has two little girls. I love reading about her family. Whether it's updates on walking or talking, or which books the girls are reading ( i always need ideas in that department). I comment on her blog and she comments on mine. I feel like if I ever was in Houston I could give her a call and get the kids together for a play-date in the park.

I especially enjoy reading about her experiences being a mom. Being a mom changes you, changes your world, your motivation, your perceptions. Robin is a late in life mom, which brings a whole new perspective for me to read about. She also works outside the home... and she is gay.

Her blog "the other mother" chronicles her journey being the non biological mother with her partner Marcia. Most of the issues they deal with as moms parallel mine. Bedtimes, food battles, immunization decisions, school choices. But there are a few that are different and for me that is what makes her blog so great. We are all different from each other. Our food is different, our language and music is different and our families are different. But in our differences we have such commonality. Our true basic needs are all the same. Love and understanding. We strive for a full and productive life. We love and worry about our kids.

Today is LGBT Family Day. I write this blurb today to support all families and all mothers around our country who work hard everyday in their pursuit of Life Liberty and Happiness!!!

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