*spoiler alert*

I saw Spider-Man last night with Mason. It was the first movie I was able to see in the theaters in forever. I was so excited! The first 45 minutes was awesome. Things were going great. Until the black suit... the jazz bar dance scene and the touchy feeley villain/hero hug it out scene.

Top 3 Problems:

1.the running time was way TOO long
2. Peter Parker looked too much like Chris Gaines
3. Harry's ending was a bit too much like Darth's

Now I am getting a bit nervous about Ocean's 13.......

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martha.durham said...

We saw it last night too! I had the same problems with it-definitely too long; needs to be "tighter" in my opinion. They could have taken out the whole mess with the dance scene, etc and that would have made it shorter and better. It was the first movie I had seen in forever as well!
Enjoy your time in NO! Miss you lots