Hypnotize Me

I have never be truly hypnotized. I pretended once at camp that I was while my friends asked me a bunch of questions about who I liked and who I hated. During my pregnancies I gave hypno-birth some consideration... but never saw it through.

I guess the closest I have ever been to being hypnotized was during my long drives home from school in college. It's called highway hypnosis.

Recently I have stumbled upon a new hypnosis. But I have not come up with a fancy name for this new mental condition. Right now the long working title is: thinking about all the other things I have to do while reading the SAME book to my 3 year old, the same book every night before bed for the last month. Kinda wordy, I know. But whatever its name ends up to be - I'VE GOT IT BAD!!!

I have been reading Bunny Mail to Braden on and off for a year... and most recently EVERY night for about a month. While I am reading, I find myself check listing in my head all the things I need to do ... and when I snap out of it I will have read a few pages and not even remembered doing it.

It is such an odd feeling. Kinda worrisome too... I mean, what else am I hypno-ing through?


Jen said...

That's funny I've noticed myself doing that before but fortunately for me it is not with the same book every night!! My kids did the "same movie for a month" deal when they were shorter but I don't remember the same book being picked out over and over. Maybe you're just nicer than me? Do you say things like, "You can pick a different book or you can go straight to sleep. You choose"... Yep, you're nicer than me.

Isn't the highway hypnosis freaky? I drive a lot, you know, and I find myself thinking so loudly that I'm half way to Abilene when I come to. Then I think, "I am bloody brilliant! This is fantastic!" (I always want to talk like the Brits. Saying things like, "Just there," instead of, "Right over there.") Anyway, I should have split up this post into, like, three or something. See you tonight...

the Girls' Moma said...

I know, and soon you will have the boys requesting two different books! I guess you could flip-flip in between them some like we do. It's still hypnotizing, though!