Auntie and Uncle Phil

I have been off the radar for the past week. My Aunt and Uncle were here visiting the boys (and me). They are originally from New Hampshire, but now reside in Florida. Whichever way you cut it, it was a LONG trip. They stayed a week. It was a wonderful visit. They were such a big help with the boys and it was so nice to see them again. It hardly seemed like 2 years had passed. Auntie and I had a blast shopping and eating out. Braden and Uncle Phil played with trains and watch some NASCAR.

I miss seeing that side of the family. I don't get to see them as much as I like. I also miss New England. Everyone here in Texas thinks that St Louis is "the north"... although it IS north... it is not "THE NORTH". I miss the trees, the mountains, and the ocean.... northern beaches are much different than their southern counterparts. I miss Friendly's. I miss home :-(


Jen said...

When you buy your plane tickets to Washington you'll get rewarded twice, then. One, you'll see me and two, you'll see trees and mountains. I know it's not the same place but I'm not in St. Louis (so don't meet me there). Did you catch the song referral?? :)

"Home" is such an interesting term. It's definition is constantly changing as thoughts and emotions change and fluctuate with life's many changes. Some define home as the place they spent the majority of life growing up and, as in Ben's case, some choose a different place all together to call home. Ben spent all of his life in the same house in Iowa until the age of 16. Yet, the Northwest is his home and there is no place he'd rather be.

Abilene is a very transition-type city with it's military base and the many colleges yet there are people, like Deanna, who would never choose to leave because it is home to them. With all it's ugliness and random weather, large bugs and fire ants. (Do these people know that fire ants don't exist everywhere?)

"Home". Very interesting.

Home... I'm going home...

Tracey said...

Yes, we know fire ants don't exist everywhere and we like it here. I'm not necessarily from Abilene originally but am from the Abilene area. I will always visit the north but never live there. I am a Texas girl and will always be one thank you very much! I love it here!