You Gotta Have Friends.... (a la Bette Midler)

I love my friends. They are my sisters. They are my support, my teachers my better halves. I wouldn't be anywhere without my friends. I have had some wonderful friends over the course of my life. Some I treated well, others I did not. Some I keep in touch with daily, weekly, monthly... some, just a few times a year. Others I haven't spoken with in a LONG time. Friends from grade school, Junior high, high school, college, the waitressing years, my first job, BLOG friends. The friends I have made here have touched my soul.

I am rough around the edges - a work in progress... and yet my friends love me. I have some friends that have known me since I was 14. They know A LOT about me... and they love me anyway. I think it takes a lot of courage and patience to be my friend. All I can say is thank you... and I love you all!

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