Speaking of Scott...

My cousin (whom I LOVE) is among many things a sports guy. He plays and watches A LOT of different sports... one of which is golf.

So in honor of my cousin and for my love of meeting all people famous... I introduce Grant Boone (who at the time of this picture I had NO idea that he was) he is the on air talent for the Golf Channel. I guess I would have known that if I ever watch the Golf Channel. But since I don't I was able to meet this guy at MOPS last Monday like a normal person... without making too big of a fool of myself. He came to speak to us and answer questions from the "daddy perspective". He did a great job!

Maybe I should upgrade my cable package to include the Golf Channel... then again... maybe not!

BTW - that is my good friend Kristin Ward ... she is an actual friend of Grants... not a groupie like me!

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