Monkey See Monkey Do

The last few posts about guns got me to thinking: Why hasn't' Braden ever played "pretend gun"?

Then I realized it is because he doesn't know they exist. Besides the water guns at his friends house (which really don't look like typical guns), he has never seen a gun (that I know of). We have never shown him one (although Mason has several) and we have never let him watch anything on TV that has anyone shooting anyone...

So... when kids play cops and robbers or Star Wars or whatevertheheck kids play - the are really just imitating what they have seen. Trying it out, seeing what emotions come from their actions and receiving feedback (from us (parents) on what is acceptable and what isn't).

Obviously offspring watch older animals to learn what to do and how. And we humans do the same. How to eat, wash, walk - whatever - you name it...

100 years ago our children we exposed to birth and death and everything in between AT HOME first hand. They saw illness, poverty. They also saw fighting. And shooting. They saw that death occurs from shooting a person or animal. In that sense it would make sense that they would "play" what they witness. Play serves a purpose.

OH crap... I am arguing against myself... and I have changed my mind again... If I follow my own train of logic.... Children should be allowed to express and play about anything they experience (with of course feedback and discussion with parents)... which would mean that I disagree with myself from my past post...

OH jeeze... I give up!

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