Little Old Lady from Pasadena

I got my second (in the span of 2 months) speeding ticket yesterday. Where was I you might wonder? A highway, city street, stop light? NO... I was on Farm Road 89 out in the middle of no where Texas. I was going 70 in a 60, coming down a hill (i might add). There was the state patrol car just sitting there behind a rock... waiting.

Oh, and this guy was the biggest prick. Rude, unforgiving and just a general all around jerk.

But you can't really argue with a cop... They hold all the power. All I would have to do is just look at him wrong and he could take me in. I exaggerate NOT! He even mentioned to me that that was one of my options... child protective services was mentioned. And I wasn't even arguing with him.

Such power over another person. No one should feel as powerless as I did yesterday.

Today I mentioned my story to the guy who came out to clean the soup out of the carpet (yeah... I finally realized that it need professional attention).
He knew exactly which speed trap I was talking about. He described the cop perfectly. He said "Yeah he's a real prick... everyone knows not to speed over there... because he'll getcha!"

Everyone but me I guess....

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