I just got a cell phone. A cell phone of my very own. All my other cells were pawned off on me every time Mason realized that he really didn't use it very much... Our latest was purchased 2 years ago right before William was born. We had been cell-less for a while and figured that it would come in handy. We were right about that ... I spent most of my labor talking on it. BUT it really wasn't mine. Mason decided to get Nextel because his best friend had that service and they were planning to walkie-talkie each other ALL THE TIME. He also bought a phone that looked like it came out of an Army surplus store. It was black and the screen had NO color... just light green and dark green.

Well you can guess what happened next. Mason was deployed, and his best friend went to do a remote tour in South Korea... so I ended up with a new phone. Which I hated.

I can't believe it has been two years. April 9 2005 Mason went to Office Depot and bought this phone....

I also can't believe that he paid money for a phone. You never have to buy a cell phone. When you get a service plan they will always give you a phone! ALWAYS!!! It's never the most fancy of phones... but it will ring and dial and take messages. That is all I need it for...

So... I got a phone. T-Mobile sent one to me free with a new service plan! It should be here today. I am very excited. Because... like my new car (which I LOVE) ... I got to pick it out on my own for ME!!! (which as most moms know is a luxury in and of itself.)

On the flip side though... I hate cell phones. Their complicated plans, fees taxes and contracts. I hate all utility companies for that matter. Internet, land line , TV cable or Dish... I never really feel like I am getting the BEST deal... I feel like these companies take advantage of us. Knowing that we will want phone Internet and TV regardless of the price. They at first they pretend like they are giving you some bargain... all the while there is hidden fees, term limits, stipulations.

I guess I have gotten used to the feeling with all of them ... except the cell phone... I just always feel like I am getting gypped!

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