Earth Day...

In a former life I used to smoke. Camel lights mostly. I did dabble in Camel no filters and Drum roll your own. I never got along with the girls who smoked Marlboro lights (you know who you are) and in a pinch I would bum a Marlboro red. NEVER EVER did I smoke menthols or those sissy girly smokes like Benson and Hedges ... yeah I'll admit it... I totally dug cloves...

I digress.

The other day in the parking lot of the grocery store I saw two people standing by their car smoking. I forget sometimes that there are still people in the world who smoke... Since I am out of the loop I always assume everyone else is too... anyway... when they were done and ready to get in their car they tossed the cigarette down on the pavement, stepped on it then walked off.... LEAVING IT ON THE GROUND.

It came to me in a flash - all the cigarettes that I had smoked and how 90% of them ended up on the ground... without a second thought... How is it that we don't think of that as littering? or more to my point... how was I blind for so long?

Happy Earth Day... my apologies.

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AMANDA said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!! Mike and I just had this discussion 2 days ago. The thing that really gets my goat... Not only do they drop them on the ground, they can't take 2 seconds to step on them and put them out. Mind you, this comes from a California perspective where the entire state burns up anually.