Dogs don't eat Skittles

After the Candy Explosion at Mother's Day Out on Thursday we had candy all over the kitchen. At night while I was cleaning up, a red skittle rolled onto the floor. I left it there thinking it would be eaten by the dogs. I was wrong.
As they ran by, Calhoun was the first to grab it... he took one lick and then as quick as it went in it POPPED right back out. His face had YUCK written all over it (if a dog could convey the emotion of a word). Chloe was hot on his heels... she must of thought "what a fool! he's passing up a morsel of something on the floor. just my luck". She takes up the skittle in her mouth pauses for an almost bite... then YUCK! it pops right out. Leaving me standing in the kitchen trying to figure out why dogs think that grass dirt and their own poop takes better than a Skittle.....

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Jen said...

I think, I, too, have had this same experience!