Not Mother Friendly Part 2

I officially hate daylight savings... I hate it more being in Abilene than I did in St Louis. This morning when I woke up I lay in bed wondering what time it was. My whole room was dark. I was guessing it was 5ish. I look at the clock. 7:12am. Seven in the morning and it is still dark.

Our bodies naturally wake up with the help of the sun. Why then do we change our clocks so that we wake up LATER with the sun?

If Braden gets up at 8am, how am I supposed to get him out the door by 8:30 for school or MOPS or anything?

Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't this mean too that all the kids waiting for the bus are waiting in the dark? Oh, yeah THAT's safe!

Oh... I remember - we have daylight savings so that we can have more light in the afternoon and early evening. A bunch of good that does me. Do you know how hard it is to get a kid to bed when the sun is still streaming in the windows?

Yesterday, since Braden slept in so late he didn't take a nap. So by 6:30 he was exhausted... but fought me (even harder than usual) to stay up.

I guess this whole thing is meant for working people. So that when they get home at 6pm they have 2 hours of 'day' left rather then just 1.

Why Abilene vs. St Louis? Because we are so much farther west... that we really didn't even need daylight savings. The sun is up at 7 am in St Louis.... but not Abilene.

Now I know why Indiana and Arizona don't participate in this most stupid of ideas!

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Jen said...

That's really funny and an extremely good point. the thing I love about your posts is I can hear you say every word. Too bad we don't live closer. We could do stuff more often...