Happy Anniversary - I Love You !

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Fifteen years ago today, Mason first told me that he loved me. It was a Saturday afternoon. He was 15 I was 16. He was a freshman, I was a Junior at a private boarding school in St. Louis Missouri. Back then he was called Sterling and I was called Julie. This picture is of us just a few weeks later at one of the winter formal dances that our school had. He had to get special permission to bring a Junior to the Freshman/Sophomore dance. We dated for 5 months that semester, then school let out for the summer. Since it was a boarding school he went back home to Texas. He never came back - that next year he went to a school in upstate New York. I wrote to him everyday. Phone cards unconnected to an account (like at your house) were not invented yet - and neither of our parents were about to give us one of theirs. No email of course either. He wrote me once a week. We didn't get to see each other again until that December... that is when he first ask me to marry him.... but that is a whole other story for a different day.
Right now he is away again. We have been separated a lot in our long romance and now the Air Force keeps up the tradition. I love him more today than I did 15 years ago. I can recall with such clarity him hugging me looking right into my eyes and how I felt... so special. I hope I make him feel as special as he makes me feel. He is my always and forever. Happy anniversary!


WUG-168 said...

Nice BLOG lady.

Regarding the anniversary that I was not there to share with you...
You have always been my favorite person and asking you to marry me is by far the smartest thing I have ever done.

Thanks for saying yes.


La Rae said...

OH WOW... How romantic. That made me tear up! What a special and beautiful picture. I LOVE that! And then for Mason to write back!!! kudos kudos