My first ever blog and now my first ever comment! Well, actually my first 2 comments, by my friend La Rae! La Rae and I are on the MOPS steering team together. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. I have been attending for a few years and now I am on the steering team. I bring this up because not only do I work with La Rae but I am friends with her AND not only that, but Braden and her daughter Maeghyn are friends too. Braden and Maeghyn are as different as night and day and so are La Rae and I. I guess that it why I am so touched that La Rae was my first comment. Supportive sweet funny and great to be around I cherish La Rae and this past year in getting to know her. I have been so touched by my time at MOPS and meeting all the wonderful ladies there who are so different in all sorts of wonderful ways. I think today SAHM are isolated. We are home alone, we travel to and from our errands in our cars alone and a lot of the time we are alone in our neighborhood, since so many of us live away from family and do not know our own neighbors. MOPS is a place where all mothers regardless of age income or background can come togther and meet twice a month. To make friends and get support through this journey of raising the future generation. We were not meant to raise our children alone. We need friends and a community of mothers to surround us with support and love. I take this time to thank La Rae for being a part of my community! I love you too girl!

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